Duncan men mowing lawns for those in need

Duncan men mowing lawns for those in need

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Two men spent their Friday going around Duncan mowing yards for people who need it and they didn’t charge but rather did it out of the goodness of their heart.

Mark Henderson posted in a Duncan Facebook group that he wanted to mow some laws for people who can’t do it themselves or need a little help right now. In less than 24 hours, he had a list of around 20 people who reached out asking for his help.

With a couple pulls of the string, Mark Henderson's lawnmower turned over and he started cutting another yard. He's lifting a burden, hindrance, or worry from someone one push at a time.

"It's kinda disheartening that so many needs help,” Henderson said. “But that's what I'm trying to do is take that load off."

Henderson spent his entire Friday mowing but did not ask for anything in return. He even uses his own gas money to mow the lawns. His friend, Matthew Harris, also volunteered his day to help. Harris said everybody they've helped has been appreciative of what they're doing for the community.

"I guess it's kinda rare for people to come out and do this kind of thing for somebody,” Harris said. “So they enjoy it a lot."

Henderson said he thinks people should add helping others to their “to do” list.

"I think everybody needs help in some way or another and without getting into their business just trying to offer whatever you can do to make things easier," he said. "I would have done it earlier a couple of months ago, but with all the rain I've been kinda delayed with getting around to it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the summer started and get a lot done for people."

He plans on doing this every Friday and already has eight lawns that need to be mowed next week.

If you’re elderly, sick, or disabled and need your mowed Henderson said you can call him at 580-786-0144.

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