Congressman Tom Cole comments on decision to bring migrant children to Fort Sill

Congressman Tom Cole comments on decision to bring migrant children to Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - We’re covering Fort Sill and getting reaction from Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole on the decision to bring migrant children to the post.

As we’ve reported, the Trump Administration says as many as 1,400 children could be housed at a facility on post starting next month.

It’s due to hundreds of thousands of migrants being detained at the Mexican border in recent months and not enough space to hold them.

We asked Congressman Cole how long Fort Sill may be used for this mission.

“I don’t think we know that. usually health and human services tries to get these things wrapped up as quickly as possible. The reason being that having children on a military facility is neither or minors in this case is neither a good thing to do and frankly it’s extraordinarily expensive. It’s much more expensive to maintain a child on a military facility. The Department of Defense charges a pretty high rate of reimbursement there. I think that’s appropriate because they always want to discourage the use of these facilities. They’re not designed for this purpose. I’ve never met a base commander that likes people coming on or off of his facility that he’s got to background checks on and they’re worried about people who are not there on business that are there for some other purpose than training or what the base is designed to do. So again, I have no doubt it will be brought to an end as quickly as possible. it certainly was last time, but it’s hard to know how long they’ll need to do this," said Congressman Cole

Congressman Cole and other lawmakers say they’ve received assurances the housing operation will not impact Fort Sill’s military readiness, training or missions.

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