Cache Road Square businesses damaged from storm

Cache Road Square businesses damaged from storm

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The straight line winds Saturday night blew the signage on some Cache Road Square store exteriors right off the building. Crews were hard at work Monday to get it cleaned up.

Although not all of the stores had exterior damage, they were still affected, as portions of the parking lot were blocked off with caution tape and cones that surrounded the debris.

“I would say it caused a little bit of confusion because of the caution tape," said Elton Watson, fitness trainer at Planet Fitness. "It was all throughout the parking lot, like we would be closed, but nope! Just take a step right over, because our pathway’s clear straight to the door. So, yeah, we’re still open, even though they’re cleaning around us.”

Some stores, like AA Computer Services, also had interior damage.

“We did get some interruption. Our internet is down, which also knocks out our phone system and partially the air conditioning,” said Joseph Diaz, President & CEO at AA Computer Services. “All of those are being looked at right now, and I hope they’ll be taken care of shortly. In the meantime, we’re operating the best we can and we’re still taking care of our clients.”

Diaz said he is thankful that the storm happened after hours when no one was at the store.

“You know, I’ve been impacted, but thank God, again, that it wasn’t critical, or anybody got hurt," said Diaz. "It’s just time. We’re going to lose a little time, but maybe it’s going to be better anyhow, once they repair it, and maybe we’ll get some more business.”

Cache Road Square Property Management issued the following statement:

“Cache Road Square was very fortunate that no one was injured during the storm on Saturday night. We had damage to several of our stores, and all but one of them remain open at this time. Tuesday Morning will reopen no later than Tuesday morning. We are working quickly to remove debris. We have already begun ordering materials for the reconstruction of the damaged portions of the center, and construction should commence within a week. We encourage everyone to come and support our businesses here at Cache Road Square who have been so great to work with during the clean up process.”

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