Heavy rainfall to blame for sewage problems in Cyril

Heavy rainfall to blame for sewage problems in Cyril

CYRIL, Okla. (TNN) - An elderly Cyril couple has been dealing with sewage backup since Monday in their bathtubs and toilets.

“My sister is 84, my brother-in-law is 89 and they’re disabled," said Ann Davis, the sister of a Cyril homeowner. “If I hadn’t been here, I don’t know what would have happened, but that stuff would have been all over their house.”

Davis is visiting her sister from Illinois and says the worst of it started Monday night.

“I went into the bathroom and here came the filth," said Davis. "I grabbed her trash can and a plastic bowl and started running. I probably made five or six trips out the back door trying to keep ahead of that stool.”

Mayor David Jones says heavy rainfall is to blame.

“Some of the rainwater is leaking in to the sewage and backing up the sewage line," said Mayor Jones. "We’re getting more water in the sewage line than what is recommended. In this area here, we’re trying to pump water uphill and it’s overwhelming our pumps and its backing up in their homes.”

A temporary fix is underway right now on 6th Street.

“This is our fourth attempt for us to reroute the plumbing," Mayor Jones said. "Right now we’re on 6th Street using our four-inch pumps to pump water around this area to help lower and ease the pressure over here.”

Davis is just praying for a solution for her family. She says these issues are posing a great health concern and forcing them to live without plumbing.

“I ran a big galvanized pan full of water and gave them a towel and a wash rag and said, ‘Do the best you can guys. Get the smell off because that’s your shower for now,’" she said. "They go to the bathroom in a bucket and I carry it out back.”

Mayor Jones says bathtubs and toilets holding sewage should be flushed out by Tuesday night. But it’s only a temporary fix, until the entire sewage system can be replaced. That won’t happen until the ground is dry enough to move in heavy equipment.

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