Severe storms bring power outages, downed trees and lightning fires to Duncan

Severe storms bring power outages, downed trees and lightning fires to Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Severe winds from thunderstorms overnight brought down power lines and took down trees in Duncan. Some people had little to no damage, while others were not so lucky.

Lightning is suspected of sparking at least five house fires in Duncan early this morning, including one home on North H Street.

“I saw the flash hit and I saw the sparks and flames go by,” said Faith Grasso, Duncan resident.

The neighbor’s house was on fire.

“We heard the bolt of lightning," said Desiree Miller, Duncan resident. "We just heard it hit.”

“My sister and my mom were like go look out side and see if it hit the street or if it hit someone’s house,” said Phillip Sleeker, Duncan resident.

“He’s like mom there’s smoke coming from his house,” said Miller.

Thankfully, no one was inside the home when the fire started.

“Just lucky I wasn’t here, but I’m sure glad these guys right here put the fire out,” said the homeowner. “At least I still got a home.”

“Our power went out at the station so we barely got our door up before," Cpt. Josh Foraker, Duncan Fire Department. "It came on and went back off so we barely got out of the station with the power being out.”

The wailing sirens heard overnight were replaced with the buzz of chainsaws.

“Woke up in the morning and just heart a tree snap," Ed Myers, Duncan resident. "Came outside and it was in the middle of the road. The city came out and pushed it out of the road and I found one across the street over there.”

“We’ve got a lot of trees down," Gary Curtis, Duncan-Stephens County Director of Emergency Management. "The biggest problem with that is a lot of these trees and the winds have taken a lot of our electrical services down.”

PSO customers were expected to have power restored Wednesday afternoon. The City of Duncan said it could be later Wednesday night before everything is up and running for Duncan Power customers.

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