A Child Who Hopes: Alex

A Child Who Hopes: Alex

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A 17-year-old is looking for a family to adopt him before he ages out of the DHS system in just eight months. 7NEWS reporter Haley Wilson met Alex at Lawton Animal Welfare where she learned more about him and his love for animals.

Alex couldn't stop smiling as he got to see and play with some of the animals at Lawton Animal Welfare. He has loved animals.

"I've been looking at animals for a while, and I already have pets planned,” he said. “My favorite animal is a hedgehog, but those are hard to get because you have to have a license, but the African pygmy is more common."

Alex, like the animals here, are both looking for something a family and a place to call home.

"I connect with the animals really well,” Alex said. “I feel, like as every person, an animal should deserve a second chance as well. So, I think it's only fair that way."

Alex ages out of DHS, in less than a year. He's trying to figure out what his next steps are going to be and where he's going to live.

"I'm taking it into consideration to go into the Army, but I might not,” he said. “I'm looking at being a mechanic."

Tyrone Brown, a DHS worker, said it's harder to get an older kid adopted. He said older kids just need structure, a place to call home, and someone to love them.

"Whenever they do age out, they do need a place to call home,” Brown said. “They still need a family to come back to during the holidays, and we would like to find permanency for those kids who are older and still want a family and make them feel like they belong to part of a family."

Despite being in DHS custody since he was just three years old, he's kept a positive outlook on life.

"I have nice people in my life so far,” he said. “I think if it weren't for my background, I wouldn't know Mitchell or Tyrone or anyone like that right now, but I'm grateful for it, but sometimes I wish I could go back and change it."

If you’d like to adopt Alex, give DHS a call at 580-471-7942.

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