Porter Hill VFD buys first-ever new brush truck

Porter Hill VFD

ELGIN, Okla. (TNN) - For the first time in department history, the Porter Hill Volunteer Fire Department has purchased a brand new brush truck.

Chief Mike Matlock said the truck is a huge asset for the department.

"If we have to have it for medical, or fire, or even structure fires, we can use it on structure fires. So, it’s a kind of a versatile vehicle for us, it should last the department many years to come,” Matlock said.

The truck and all of the equipment cost $51,000 and was paid for with Comanche County sales taxes.

"They voted in, it’s on a seven year, they pay x amount on sales tax. That goes to the county, they allocate the funds, they divide it up to the departments in the county. We’re allotted so much certain amount per much so what we’re able to take and buy pieces of equipment. We’ll pay the payment and turn it in, and the county reimburses the fire department,” Matlock said.

Firefighter Michael Mooney hasn’t gotten to use the new truck yet but said he’s excited to in the next few weeks. He said it will go a long way in replacing some of their older equipment.

"It’s definitely way more reliable, better fuel mileage. We’re using gas instead of diesel now and gas prices are a lot lower, it will help with fuel consumption. It’s a lot bigger truck than what we’ve got too, so we’re going to be able to hold more water,” Mooney said.

Mooney said the new truck will also help cut down on response times. Chief Matlock agreed and says it’s also going to make the entire community happy.

"So far I’ve already gotten positive comments from the community, they’re really happy. Even from the previous departments, some of the past equipment made it to scene, broke down on scene or wasn’t able to be utilized on scene. Now they’re seeing this piece of equipment arrive on scene they know it’s going to do its job and be able to do what it needs to do,” Matlock said.

Because the truck was paid for with tax dollars, Matlock said anyone in the area is more than welcome to come by the station to see the truck and check out how their money is being used.

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