Sen. Inhofe expects better quality of life for migrants at Fort Sill, talks foreign affairs in Lawton visit

Jim Inhofe on migrant kids

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - United States Senator Jim Inhofe says he's still unsure of when, exactly, up to 1,600 migrant children will be arriving at Fort Sill.

Senator Inhofe met with local business leaders on Wednesday, but he took some time afterward to talk with 7NEWS about North Korea, Iran and the migrant children that will soon be making their way to Fort Sill. Inhofe said he is still unsure of when they’ll be here but said he has been assured when they do get here, they will be properly taken care of.

Inhofe said he has been guaranteed that every migrant child coming to Fort Sill will be between the ages of 13 and 17 and will be medically screened prior to arriving on post. He said he has also been promised every kid will have their own bed, as well as adequate dining, shower and bathroom facilities.

"I think they’re going to have a better quality of life than they are accustomed to. That’s not saying much but when you have a private bed facility, you have food and you have medical care, that’s something most of them did not have before. Those individuals talking about a concentration camp or something like that, they’re making up stories,” Inhofe said.

The migrant children have not come to Fort Sill yet, but Senator Inhofe said he was going to try to make a stop on post to see for himself where they would be staying.

"The hate Trump people are out there complaining about that and everything else that Trump has anything to do with or this administration has anything to do with. I’m fully aware of that but I do know they’ve changed things certainly since it was a Japanese internment camp. The outsiders are coming in and complaining and talking about all the bad things that are happening to these kids. It is easier for me to see and talk about what I’ve seen than simply read a report,” Inhofe said.

The Senator said when he first heard about the possibility of migrant children being housed at Fort Sill, the first thing he did was personally call Fort Sill’s Commander.

"To make sure that there is no objection by the military to having temporary housing for these unaccompanied kids. There was no objection to it. When they tried to do it during the Obama Administration there was objection at that time, that was in 2014, but there isn’t now,” Inhofe said.

Senator Inhofe said had there been objection from Fort Sill, he would have done everything in his power to keep the kids from coming here. "I chair the Senate Armed Services Committee, we have jurisdiction over the military establishments and if it’s something that doesn’t look good, we just won’t do it,” Inhofe said.

Senator Inhofe said he was also assured having the children on post will have no impact on military readiness, nor will it cost the military a cent.

He also shared his thoughts on our country’s relationship with North Korea after President Donald Trump visited the country.

Inhofe on North Korea

“The president has really made his third official trip to North Korea. He did it without any notice, I didn’t even know it last week that he was going to go in there. Him and Kim Jong-un followed up and when you think about what this president has done. The first trip is what you’d expect, the second trip is when he said to Kim Jong Un, we’re going to get together, and I expect that you are going to do participate in doing away with your nuclear activity in the entire region. If you don’t do that, I’m not going to talk to you. He walked into the room, he said are you going to do that, he said nope. He didn’t even say goodbye, he just walked out. That’s the style of this president. So, he did a surprise visit last week and now you see a total change in Kim Jong-un. They were friendly and I look for great things.”

Senator Inhofe also shared his thoughts on the situation in Iran.

Inhofe on Iran

“The other issue that is a major issue is Iran. It was John Kerry when he was Secretary of State in the previous administration who put together a program to deal with Iran where they were treating them as if they were people doing something good, they’re not, they’re terrorists. He ended up giving them just in cash $1.7 billion to do with as Iran wanted to and by their own admission, they put that into terrorism, their terrorism program. This president, he saw all this coming. He didn’t know specifically what was going to happen in the Strait of Hormuz but he knew there was a problem. So, he brought in an aircraft carrier and all these resources anticipating that there is going to be a problem. Sure enough, he was right, there is a problem and we are prepared now to stop Iran from doing what they otherwise would have been able to do.”

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