Lawton business owner concerned about crime after shooting

Shooting on Cache Road

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton business owner is fed up with the crime around his business after a shooting Tuesday morning at a Cache Road motel.

Dispatchers reported that someone showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound Tuesday morning, but right now police have not been able to find anybody who was shot. But they do say there were shots fired at a motel near Northwest 14th street and Northwest Cache Road.

Business owner Robert Scarfone said the last few weeks have been busy for the stores along Cache Road.

"We’ve had a lot of break-ins between 16th street and Fort Sill Boulevard. Random shootings, people shooting out storefront windows a few weeks ago. Of course, we had the break-in at the rental agency, at the hardware store and an armed robbery at the Phillips 66 station. All in a short amount of time,” Scarfone said.

Scarfone said that is just a few crimes committed in the area recently.

"We see a lot of LPD over there all the time. It’s almost to the point where when we see them anymore it’s not even surprising to see five, six, seven LPD cars over at the hotels,” Scarfone said.

Scarfone knows the area well, having been in business there for 30 years.

"You worry of course for your safety, the safety of the people that work for you, your neighbors, the people that work around you. You just never know when these things are going to happen. That shooting was what, 10 this morning? Somebody comes by there and starts shooting at the hotel? Who knows what they’re doing,” Scarfone said.

Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department said they understand the concerns with the area.

"We have been working on that, we have more officers on the street now, we are looking in our communities, going out and talking to people to find out what kinds of issues they are having in their community, that way we can help and solve that, solve those problems,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said they try to be proactive with crime but ultimately, they rely on information from the citizens to help them out.

"They know before we know, they see it before we see it. We want their input in this, we want to know what happened. But especially when it concerns anyone in our area, anyone in our community. Give us a call, we want to know what happened,” Jenkins said.

If you have any information about Tuesday’s shooting or any other crime, you’re asked to call crime stoppers at (580) 355 – 6397.

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