LPD searching for escaped inmate working with the Trustee Program

LPD searching for escaped inmate working with the Trustee Program

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - For the second time this summer, an inmate working with the Lawton Trustee program escaped while on a job.

When Marcus Tenequer escaped during his shift at the Museum of The Great Plains, the inmate supervisor at the Museum, who didn’t want to be on camera, said he took advantage of some alone time he normally doesn’t have.

“He’s supposed to be with me at all times. I had to go out to the front with the plumber to get his tools, to fix the toilet, and when I came back to the shop he was gone.,” said Larr hOlland, the Museum building manager.

Holland said this program has been beneficial to the museum, giving them an extra hand when they need it, and nothing like this has happened before.

“He saw an opportunity, because they treat them really well, and they have to earn their trustee status to get out,” said Holland.

Lawton Police said this program is only offered to inmates in on non-violent, or misdemeanor charges, and presents a way to work off some of their sentence.

“It’s a privilege to do that, because a lot of times, instead of sitting in jail waiting for your time in the cell, you are able to do some work for the city, work for the police department, and add a little extra to your fine, so you can sit the time out quicker,” said Sgt. Timothy Jenkins.

Sgt. Jenkins said because of these two instances so close together, they are looking to find better ways of making sure supervision is always happening.

“They are supervised people, but a lot of time, if you have a lot of inmates, or you have to step out or look away, they do seize that opportunity. We are looking into the program now,” said Sgt. Jenkins.

Tenequer had less than 40 days on his sentence, but Jenkins said when they get him back into custody, those 40 days will likely turn into a lot more.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tenequer, Jenkins asks for people to call LPD or Crime Stoppers.

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