Litter becoming a problem at new Thunder Court

Litter becoming a problem at new Thunder Court

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - It's been nearly two months since a Thunder court was installed at Lee West Park in Lawton and one council member says it's already being trashed.

Councilman Randy Warren says litter is continuing to be a problem on and around the new court.

Councilman Warren posted on Facebook Thursday morning saying he has picked up close to three full trash bags of water bottles in the last week, and that complaints from his constituents come in weekly.

Warren says this project took effort from a lot of people, and he wants it to remain something the community can be proud of.

Excitement over the new Thunder Court has turned into frustration for residents like Richard Deloney and his son.

They play on the court up to four times a week.

“We needed this, Im a basketball fanatic and I play all the time. Usually there’s a lot of litter around the court, and me and my son try our best to clean up and make sure it stays clean. If we don’t take care of it, the city will stop taking care of it, ya know shut it down and we don’t want that,” said Richard Deloney.

Deloney is not alone in the clean up effort.

Robin Harboldt said she and her children have also picked up litter so other kids can have a clean place to play.

“We came out here and filled up a trash bag or two from the canal, and around the court, and it took us 20 minutes. If it takes us 20 minutes to clean the whole park, it takes two seconds to clean up after yourself,” said Harboldt.

Other residents are now calling on the city for solutions.

They're offering suggestions on Facebook such as increased police presence...

“I wouldn’t say going to the extent of installing cameras, you know it’s simple, it’s just being a grown adult and picking up your trash. You learn at a young age, so follow through as an adult,” said Deloney.

Harboldt said the litter at Lee West Park isn’t much worse than other parks in the city.

She said she just wants this new addition to remain an attractive place for families.

“All our our parks have trash in them, it’s not just this park. We like the fact that there’s something new in our community. People complain about Lawton all the time, but whether you like it or not, it’s home and I like my home to be nice," said Harboldt.

With two trashcans attached to the court, and a few others spread around the Park, Councilman Warren says there's no excuse for the mess.

He’s asking people to put the ball in net, and trash in the can.

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