Lawton residents voice concern on overgrown yards through iHelp Lawton Portal

Lawton residents voice concern on overgrown yards through iHelp Lawton Portal

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Whether it’s homeowners who no longer live in the area or simply don’t care, overgrown yards are becoming a problem for not only the city of Lawton, but neighbors as well.

“We think, what else could be living in there? Rats, snakes?," said Randy Shears, a neighbor of an overgrown home. "Anything could be back in that jungle in the backyard. It’s really bad.”

Once grass reaches 12 inches tall, the city will send out notices to the homeowner. If the issue is not fixed within 10 days, contractors will mow the property, at the city’s expense, around $250.

“If it’s not paid, it’s placed as a lien on the property and it stays around until the property gets adjudicated,” said Richard Rogalski, City of Lawton Community Services Director.

City crews monitor yards, but lately they’ve been getting complaints through the iHelp Lawton Portal which allows residents to report issues within the city.

“If you go in there and report that issue, it’s helps us so much," Rogalski said. "We only have so many eyes and there is so many places to look at. It will help us speed up the process.”

Rogalski says there are many people working hard to make Lawton beautiful, and any help you can offer, goes a long way.

“Sometimes help our neighbors," he said. "The ones that are too old to mow their lawn, their neighbor could take care of that. That’s another thing we’re looking at - community renewal.”

To report an issue through the iHelp portal, visit

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