Yoga & Pilates studio opening in downtown Marlow

Marlow Yoga

MARLOW, Okla. (TNN) - Several new businesses are popping up in downtown Marlow. The newest one is a yoga and Pilates studio.

Donelle Gregston, the owner and teacher at the studio, used to run something similar in Texas, before getting married and moving to Marlow. She said once she got all settled, she was extremely disappointed that in order to attend a yoga class, she had to go out of town. So, she did something about it.

Gregston said when she first moved to Marlow, she was spending a lot of time on the road just to find a yoga or Pilates class.

"I was driving to Norman or Oklahoma City, sometimes to Lawton to do classes and I just wanted to bring something to the community where we would have a little bit different of a dynamic of workouts,” Gregston said.

The studio sits at the corner of Main Street and Highway 81 right in the heart of downtown Marlow. Gregston said the studio should be fully up and running in the coming weeks. Once that happens, they’ll start offering a variety of classes and one-on-one sessions each week.

"To know we’re able to bring something to the community that many people can benefit from, because it doesn’t matter age wise, it doesn’t matter flexibility, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga or you’ve done yoga, everybody has a place here to practice,” Gregston said.

The studio is not the only new business in town, as it joins a winery that actually sits right next door, which we told you about a few months ago. Marlow Chamber of Commerce President Lynn Bailey said both of those new businesses, as well as the countless others around them, are great for the community.

"It’s a very big deal for our town, we’re excited to have new businesses come into town. It stimulates things and it also attracts people from outside the area,” Bailey said.

Bailey said he is thrilled that new businesses are opening in Marlow and he thinks his fellow residents are too.

"When there’s a new business and people talk about it and our community gets very excited about it, that’s what makes Marlow so great is that community atmosphere and that’s why people choose to live here,” Bailey said.

You can learn more about the studio here.

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