Combatives and pugil stick training for basic trainees on Fort Sill

Combatives and pugil stick training for basic trainees on Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - It was a very hands-on day for basic trainees on Fort Sill. They’re in Week 7 of training and they’ve made it to the most challenging part - The Forge. One area of the Forge, is combatives. It’s a graduation requirement and a skill essential for any soldier to make sure they are not defeated.

“It is very important because if they were to go down range and their weapon malfunctions, or they run out of ammo and someone is coming at them and all they have is their hands, it’s important they know at least some sort of move to get the opponent on the ground, or take them down, especially without a weapon," said Sgt. Roseann Gorman.

The trainees circled around and would call each other out to fight.

“If they had beef within the cycle, they are choosing whoever they want to fight with,” said Sgt. Gorman.

Combatives wrapped with a tournament with the top six male and females from each platoon. They also went head to head with pugil sticks. Soldiers suited up and had to hit their opponents, with the goal of getting three points, achievable by a hit in the head, chest or groin.

Private First Class Amanda Lawrence won her match... despite the few inches her opponent had on her.

“I wasn’t expecting to win, and then I came out with the win and that’s because I focused on the technique, form and the right time to make the right move," said PV1 Lawrence.

Wednesday’s training is just one part of the Forge. It’s the culminating event of basic training where trainees spend four days going through different qualifications.

“The training requirements include combatives and pugils tournament," said Staff Sgt. Jeremy Sumrall. "They have to move under direct fire, they have to complete the 16K march, they have to complete the stress shoot and the total number of miles.”

And from here on out, it’s the downhill slide of basic training.

“This is it," said Staff Sgt. Sumrall. "It’s the most challenging part and harder than anything you’ve ever done. Once you get through this, it’s a walk to graduation.”

Graduation is less than a month away on August 2.

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