High temperatures cause oil to form on roads

High temperatures cause oil to form on roads

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK. (TNN) -The sweltering summer heat is causing some roads across Comanche County to look slick and slippery.

When the temperature reaches 95 degrees or higher, the asphalt will bleed causing oil to puddle on top of some roads. Crews will come out and lay gravel or sand down so it doesn’t get on tires.

Comanche County District 1 employees have had to lay gravel on top of 60th Street between Coombs and Woodlawn about three times now.

Truck Driver, Tommy Penland said it’s important to look out for bleeding asphalt because it can be dangerous.

“When the oil gets bad, it not only gets slick, but it can stick to your tires and slang up big holes in the road, and it’s just a bad thing for people to have to drive on stuff like that so we want to try and get it covered as soon as we can," said Penland.

Comanche County Road Superintendent, Kenny Curry said if they don’t take care of the problem quickly, the damage increases.

“Think about in the winter time when you’re making a snowman and rolling in the snow and you look down and it’s down to the grass, the same thing can happen in the road. The oil actually starts picking up and it will just peel it up all the way to the dirt. That’s why it’s important for us to get something on the road when it starts bleeding," said Curry.

Curry said this problem usually happens with roads that have been re-surfaced and they rely on help from the community.

“We’ve got 600 miles and it’s hard for us to monitor everything, so we depend on the public a lot. The public is a great help on calling and saying hey can you send someone to look at this road, so we really depend on them a lot," said Curry.

Be careful driving on the newly laid gravel, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle.

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