Comanche Nutrition Center honored as champions for senior health

Comanche Nutrition Center

COMANCHE Okla. (TNN) - The Comanche Senior Nutrition Center is being honored with a state-wide award for the great work they do in Stephens County.

Every Monday through Friday, people pile through the doors of the Comanche Senior Nutrition Center where they serve between 80 and 100 people every single day. Because of how helpful they are in the community, they’re receiving an award from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Okahoma.

The award is not just for the food they serve the senior citizens in the community.

"We offer health checks, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, we offer exercise on a daily basis. We have puzzle rooms and game rooms, just a lot of fellowship and activity,” said Comanche City Manager Chuck Ralls.

That activity caught the attention of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, who named them the 2019 Champions for Senior Health. Ralls said the award means a lot to him personally because of the struggles they’ve gone through with the center, which lost state and federal funding 3 years ago.

"When we were told the facility was going to be defended, the city stepped up, we had the community, the city partners and the city itself really stepped up. So, for us to be recognized in just three years, it justifies we made the right choice,” Ralls said.

Because of the award, Blue Cross and Blue Shield employees were videoing Thursday’s lunch to show others around the state an example of a successful nutrition center.

"We’re hoping we can share and shine a light on them so other non-profits or other centers around the city or in rural communities can look and replicate it or see what else they can do to make their centers as successful as Comanche has done,” said Jenefar Battle with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

The award also came with a $5,000 reward, which Ralls said will go to good use.

"Right now, we’re really looking at expanding parking. That has been a big challenge, so we’re looking at some property adjacent to the facility and hopefully we can use that money to expand some parking,” Ralls said.

The center is at the corner of Second and Oak in Comanche and Ralls encourages anyone in the area to go by and eat with them. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They start serving food each day at around 11:45 a.m.

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