Afghanistan native joins Army for a better life

Afghanistan native joins Army for a better life

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -A woman who moved to the U.S. in 2015 from Afghanistan is about to accomplish a huge goal.

Wahida Musleh came to the United States dreaming of a better life for her family.

“We always struggle to live, but at some point right now, I can see strong women back there, and they’re changing society, the dark mindset, so I would say everything is going in the very good way, right ways," said Musleh.

Musleh said she’s happy to be where she is today, especially after recovering from a broken ankle which delayed her graduation from the Army by a couple of months.

“I always think positive, and talk to myself like no you can do it, just wait until I recover, and now I’m here and graduating. It’s the most happiest part of my life so I can achieve my goals,” said Musleh.

“Because of the Army, I was able to finish my education. I had my freedom back home so that was important. I always think like whenever I have the chance, I’m going to serve with them shoulder by shoulder, and second to have my family," said Musleh.

Elizabeth Nicely has worked alongside Musleh during basic training as her battle buddy. She said she likes Musleh’s determination and willingness to help her family.

“Knowing that she’s chasing her dream that’s been one of hers forever, and helping out her family means a lot to me, and I look up to her for that, and really support her for that because I joined to help out my family and I’m from the U.S. but I like that she’s helping out and trying to get them here for a better life," said Nicely.

Musleh said anyone coming from a similar situation can achieve their goals by staying strong and never losing hope.

“I know life is not easy, and there will not always be a smooth road, there will be ups and downs, but motivate yourself, believe in yourself, and dream big so you can achieve that,” said Musleh.

Musleh is now working on getting her U.S. citizenship, which she hopes will come in about six months. That process can be expedited for immigrants like her who enlist in the U.S. Military. After graduation, she plans to get her masters degree in Public Policy.

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