Marijuana ice cream facility calls Lawton home

Updated: Jul. 23, 2019 at 6:16 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Hand-made medical marijuana ice cream is taking dispensaries across the state by storm, and the product originated right here in Lawton.

The product is called OK Nice Cream. One hundred percent of the work, from creating the ice cream, getting it packaged and stored, and ultimately shipping it out, happens in Lawton. The product has only been available for sale since the end of March but despite that, in just 4 months, they’re being sold at 64 dispensaries in all corners of the state.

Years ago, OK Nice Cream Production Manager Todd Fischer lived in California, where he said marijuana greatly helped with his medical issues. He's now lived in Lawton for several years and once State Question 788 was passed making medical marijuana legal, he set out to find an alternative for the patients needing help.

"My background personally was in classical French pastry work. That being the case, I just started working on an ice cream. Initially, it was one of those things that you’d have to hold your hose and close your eyes and say Mississippi three times then maybe you could force it down,” Fischer said.

From that first batch all the way to today, Fischer has one big idea with his ice cream.

"We spend as much money as we need to to make the type of ice cream that you probably experienced when you were a child. The ice cream truck would go by, you’d hear the bell, you’d run out there and you’d grab yourself an ice cream bar that was made by someone who was actually taking base ingredients and making ice cream. In our modern age that has now turned into emulsifiers and fillers and other things that create the illusion of what ice cream was,” Fischer said.

Fischer said he believes they’ve finally created that product.

"We actually have a local grower here in town who provides us with marijuana in its leafy, bud form. We take that and we make an extract out of that using heavy cream. Once that extract is finished, we take each of the components of ice cream and using our 30-gallon pasteurizer, we actually make an ice cream base from scratch,” Fischer said.

Once they have that base, it’s time to flavor the ice cream.

"With either a local coffee that is roasted over in Duncan, or we use a whole cacao bean to make the chocolate version or whole vanilla beans to actually make a vanilla custard,” Fischer said.

That ice cream has now made its way to 64 dispensaries.

"Ranging from Fort Smith Arkansas basically, all the way to Kansas, to the Oklahoma panhandle, almost all the way back down into Texas,” said Derrell Morgan with OK Nice Cream.

Those 64 are just the start.

"What our goal is is to continue to expand until we’re in every single dispensary so wherever a patient goes, wherever they prefer to get their medication, we’re available for them there,” Morgan said.

That growth could bring even bigger things to Lawton.

"The potential for Lawton as a whole is grand here. We might be small here with three people but the size of Oklahoma, the size of the growth potential of the market means a year from now we could have 20 Lawtonians working down here and contributing to the overall economic growth of the community. That’s important to us, we’re Lawtonians too,” Fischer said.

Right now, OK Nice Cream has 4 flavors -- cold pressed coffee, chocolate, vanilla and a coconut sorbet. They also have an ice cream bar and Fischer said they will soon offer Mexican-styled whole fruit bars. The ice cream runs $40 a pint and the bars are $13 each. You can learn more about them, including what dispensaries you can buy them here.

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