Apache dodgeball team competing for national championship

Apache dodgeball

APACHE, Okla. (TNN) - A competitive dodgeball team in Apache is hoping to bring home some gold in this year’s dodgeball national championship.

All of us have played dodgeball at some point in our lives, probably as children. But members of the A-Town dodgeball team in Apache say this is no kids game once you start playing competitively.

"The adrenaline rush you get from dodgeball, it’s separate from anything else. You get on that court, you’re in a closed environment, these balls yea they’re foam, but they’re coming at you 70 or 80 miles per hour. They hurt if you get hit by them,” said Kallan Glasgow.

"It’s always exciting, some of the other sports you have some down time. But you’re always moving, always dodging, always throwing so it’s always an adrenaline rush,” said Jeremy Wright.

"It happens so quick and the adrenaline rush that happens in those first few seconds or minutes of a match is unmatched in any sport,” said Kerry Glasgow.

The team, comprised entirely of Apache High School graduates, started playing dodgeball just for fun back in 2011. Even in those early games when they were just trying to throw the balls as hard as they could they found they had a knack for the sport. So, they started to research strategy and started competing in tournaments around the state. Recently, they’ve been doing a lot of winning.

"We’ve got guys that have certain roles, we’ve got a couple of guys that are our gunners, we’ve got a couple of guys that are our checkers who are going to hold the balls and make sure the other team is not throwing while the two gunners throw. Everybody has a role and I think that everybody has accepted their role and that’s what has made us competitive,” said Kallan Glasgow.

The team is hoping to raise $1,400 to help fund their trip to Austin for the championship. They will be competing over Labor Day weekend and expect positive results.

"We did really well at some of these recent tournaments, we went undefeated. So, we just want to go and see how we stack up against the rest of the teams,” Wright said.

"I think we’ll do well. We’re experienced now, we’ve got some athletes on our team, got some strategy involved,” Kerry Glasgow said.

"I expect to win it when we go down there. We grew up winners, we always want to win, we’re competitive, we’re all multi-sport athletes, when we go somewhere, we’re going to win,” Kallan Glasgow said.

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