Final inspections for basic trainees on Fort Sill

Final inspections for basic trainees on Fort Sill

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Soldiers in the D Battery, 1st Battalion 40th Field Artillery are nearing the end of basic training and this week, they had final inspections. It may seem like an easy task - keeping sleeping quarters clean, but in order to pass the final inspection, there’s a strict guideline to follow and it gives some soldiers a bit of anxiety.

“There is a lot of details involved and it’s hard to get everything right," said Private Joseph Christensen. "Sometimes it’s overwhelming, all the things that need to be done, but it’s going to be okay.”

Every aspect of the bay must be in tip-top shape.

“They’ll lay out their gear on their bunk, they’ll lay out their weapon while the battalion commander comes through and look at their gear, weapon, and check their uniform and ask them general knowledge questions," said Staff Sergeant Jeremy Sumrall.

Each soldier stands at attention in front of their bunks while the drill sergeants go through inspections.

“You have to make sure your wall locker is squared away and up to standard," said Private Matthew Jozefczyk. "No wrinkles in clothes, no dust, no dirt, no lint. Spotless.”

Those are just a few of their expectations. Private Jozefczyk passed his inspection, saying cleanliness is second nature.

“I’m very organized and I have some OCD, so most of it was pretty easy for me," he said.

Failing final inspection could keep a soldier from graduating basic training because for them, paying attention to the minute details could make the difference in the battlefield.

“If you don’t have cleanliness and perfection in the military, it could become stressful and present casualties or injuries, in the military or in every day life," said Private Jozefczyk.

Graduation is set for Friday, August 2.

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