Lawton charity raising money for new school uniforms

Lawton charity raising money for new school uniforms

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - One Lawton based Charity is trying to collect donations for students at Lincoln Elementary.

All the donations collected will go towards new school uniforms, and they are looking to collect $1000.

School of Athens has been focusing on the well being of students in Lawton since it’s start in 2018.

With two members just getting back five days ago from serving in Korea, they said once they got off the plane, they got to work on this fundraiser.

In the past, School of Athens has hosted fundraisers for school supplies, but this year, they learned from Lincoln Elementary’s principal that there was something else that would be most helpful to their students.

“We asked him, and told him we wanted to do some school projects, supplies, he said the thing that really will help is school uniforms. He said some of our kids are in need more than the average kid here,” said Michael McGill, the President of School of Athens.

McGill said required uniforms can be a financial burden but uniforms are a great way for students to feel equal, and can eliminate the pressure of making sure kids have the newest and coolest clothes.

“It’s a five dollar shirt, 10 dollar pants, so it eliminates kids feeling less valued due to their parents having more money or less money," said McGill.

“It gets people to be in the class and not have to worry about what they have on. They can just learn, enjoy their time, and be with their friends,” said Brandon Caminero, the charity’s director.

A few key members of the School of Athens are McGill’s sons, Michael junior and Remington. They said helping kids their own age has been extremely special.

Michael Jr. and Remington said “It doesn’t feel right for people not have to have good clothing, and not to have torn up shoes. It makes me feel better inside knowing that they don’t have to feel like one kid has better clothing than the other.”

When School of Athens announced this fundraiser plan, one of the first people to respond was Anne Robinette.

“I know how important it is for these kids to feel supported. We take for granted that children are going to have the money for the uniforms the schools require,” said Anne Robinette.

“When we can get together, and make all the kids feel the same way, give them a fresh start at school, get them right involved and not worried about the simple things, we’re on the right track,” said McGill.

“It’s always special to help anyone in need coming from an impoverished background myself. It kind of helps the little kid inside of me , helping other kids have what they need to attend school," said Caminero.

If School of Athens successfully collects 1000 dollars, that will supply 66 students with new uniforms.

If you are interested in donating towards new uniforms, visit their Facebook page or website.

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