Local State Representative wants to provide protection for process servers

Local State Representative wants to provide protection for process servers
State Representative Rande Worthen of Lawton

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A State Representative from Lawton says the shooting of a process server in Tulsa last week reinforces the need for protections to be passed by the state legislature.

State Representative Rande Worthen pushed House Bill 1162 during the 2019 legislative session which would make it a misdemeanor for harming a process server.

On Wednesday in Tulsa, a man was shot in the arm while serving eviction papers at a home. He was treated at a local hospital and the suspect inside the home was arrested by police.

“This past session, I looked to strengthen laws to help protect our state’s private process servers," Worthen said. “As officers of the court, they play an important role in ensuring our judicial system runs as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, they sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations while fulfilling their duties. Wednesday’s incident in Tulsa, where a private process server was shot while serving papers, highlights the need to provide additional measures to keep them safe. I plan to readdress this policy next session, where we’ll have an opportunity to continue working to hopefully provide protection for private process servers.”

House Bill 1162 passed the House but was amended in the Senate before being passed and the House did not take up the amended bill before the session ended.

"I hope that, in light of this regrettable incident, my fellow lawmakers will realize the importance of safeguarding our state’s private process servers and we can get this legislation passed into law this year,” Rep. Worthen said.

The Second Regular Session of the 57th Legislature will convene on Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

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