Comanche Co. Rural Water District #4 asks residents to conserve water

Comanche county water

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) - Comanche County Rural Water District Number 4 is asking its customers to not use any outside water until next Monday.

District 4 manager Roger Wisner said they found a few leaks in their water lines which ultimately led to a drop in the amount of water in their water towers. Those leaks have been fixed but Wisner said they can't refill those towers without the help of the residents.

People living in district four are being asked to refrain from watering their yard or plants, but Chad Hance, who lives in the area, said he doesn't think it's that big of a deal.

"For me and my personal home, we try to keep our yard looking good. Right now, we haven’t had rain in such awhile, it’s been a struggle keeping our grass green and turning plush, it’s just part of it living out in the country and being on rural water. Sometimes this happens and we’ll get through it. My grass will survive and we’ll get it back looking good when it rains I guess,” Hance said.

Water district 4 actually stretches outside of Comanche County, starting just West of Lawton around 112th Street and covering rural homes nearly to Snyder. Because of how the towers work and how far the lines stretch, they need the public’s help to fix the problem.

"Mine are free gravity towers so water comes and goes all day so if it’s down low and they’re using water all day long, it’s never going to fill back up, it’s just going to bypass the tower and keep going to the customer instead,” Wisner said.

Wisner said it’s not a major problem and they expect things to be back to normal soon. He said residents might see a decrease in water pressure but Hance said so far, he hasn’t noticed any difference.

"I haven’t seen any kind of decrease in water pressure at my home, not that I’ve noticed. I’ve got a house with five of us, three boys and wife, usually if the water pressure is not very good, I’d hear about it but I haven’t heard anything on it since then though,” Wisner said.

They expect things to go back to normal by Monday but say they will make another announcement through the alert system on their website if things change.

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