Updated: Aug. 1, 2019 at 9:03 AM CDT
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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) -Frog hunting is a favorite outdoor pastime for many, and it’s the latest edition of Makenzie’s Outdoor Adventures.

We do want to warn you, this story may be too graphic for some viewers.

Summer nights, when the moon is out, and the bugs are in full force--that is the best time to go frog hunting.

Trey Shockley and Garrett Bolin have been frog gigging for years.

“You just wander around a pond in the middle of the dark, you got a sharp spear and you just stick em,” said Bolin.

“The spear, you just try to stab them above the legs so we don’t ruin the meat,” said Shockley.

Nowadays, they say it’s more of a lost art.

“You go to talk about frog gigging, to some of the older folk, they say they used to go,” said Bolin. “But they ain’t nobody does it 'round here anymore.”

Armed with a headlamp and our gigs, we went to find some frogs.

“Have a good spotlight, you want to blind the frogs where they can’t see you coming from whatever direction you’re coming from,” said Shockley. “You just want to be quick enough to get your shot, get in and get out.”

But it’s not as easy as it looks.

“Find you a good pond with good frogs and watch for snakes. That’s a big thing,” said Bolin.

Shockley says he grew up an outdoorsman, and frog legs are some of his favorite to eat.

“Yeah we cook everything. I mean, if you kill it, you’ve got to eat it. Plus it’s good tasting,” said Shockley.

Bolin says he actually started frog gigging after he tried frog legs at a restaurant for the first time. From pond to plate, he says it’s satisfying to cook the wild game he catches.

“People think they just go to the grocery store and pick up their meat there,” said Bolin. "Which they don’t realize how far and all the processes that other people have to go through for the meat to get there.

And for those who are grossed out by the thought of eating frog legs....don’t knock it until you try it.

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