Duncan woman charged with kidnapping

Duncan woman charged with kidnapping

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A Duncan woman is charged with kidnapping after threatening a neighbor who was giving her a ride.

According to court documents, Linda Miller went to her neighbor's front porch in her underwear on July 27 and began banging on the front door. When the neighbor answer Miller asked the neighbor for a ride to a Duncan store.

The victim gave Miller a ride to a grocery store and asked Miller if she needed money. The victim gave Miller $20 to buy some groceries.

When Miller came from the store with groceries in her bag and not the store's grocery bags.

The victim suspected Miller may have stolen those items.

The victim then traveled to a nearby gas station to get gas. Miller went into the store and then came out with beer.

The store clerk came and told the victim that Miller stole the beer. The victim asked the clerk to call the police.

Miller then became angry and started yelling. The clerk did not call the police so the victim drove away in hopes that the clerk would then call police.

The victim took an indirect rout back to the home and drove slow so the police could catch up with them.

Miller then started to get angry at the driver and stuck something into the victims side and told her to take her home and if she called the police Miller would "kill her and her unborn baby and eat her and her baby, because no one will feed her."

When they arrived back to the area of their homes, the victim ran into the home and locked all the doors.

Miller has been charged with Kidnapping.

She has also been charged with Outraging Public Decency, and Threatening to Perform an Act of Violence to another neighbor for telling that neighbor she would “smash her family’s heads into concrete, burn their house down and kill their whole family.”

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