Tax-free weekend underway across Oklahoma

Tax-free weekend

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - If you're in the market for some new clothes or shoes, whether that be for yourself or for your kids before they head back to school, great news you can save a few bucks this weekend thanks to tax free weekend.

Tax free weekend kicked off Friday at 12:01 a.m. and offers great savings for customers across Oklahoma. One of those customers is Cheryl Hilliary who makes sure to capitalize on the weekend.

"Saving money, I mean prices go up every day and being able to just save tax, you’ve got to start somewhere. That adds up to another pair of jeans, another outfit, shoes, just saving that little bit,” Hilliary said.

This entire weekend you won’t have to pay any tax on clothes or shoes that are under $100. Every store is legally required to participate in the deals, including online stores selling to Oklahomans. It can offer some great savings for customers but it’s also a welcome boost in business to local companies.

"Several of the other boutiques here in town and small businesses, especially here on C like Crutcher’s and Edward’s Men’s Wear, we talk and we’re like this is a crazy weekend for us. We we’re telling someone the other day other than black Friday and Christmas, this is our busy weekend, this is the big deal,” said Staci Kloxtin with Country Lace Boutique in Lawton.

The sales can also be good for the entire City of Lawton, as Kloxtin said it puts them on an even playing field with large online retailers.

"Year-round people will be like I’ll hop on Amazon and get it from prime and get it the next day. But here, our customers are seeing hey I can just go down the street and get it, I don’t have to get online,” Kloxtin said.

While the online sales will always be there, Hilliary said she much prefers shopping in person. "Shopping here locally you get to know the owners’ of the business, you get to know them as friends, keep things here, try it on. Friendly faces,” Hilliary said.

Tax free weekend runs until Sunday at midnight.

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