Lake Lawtonka east campground rumors put to rest

Lake Lawtonka east campground rumors put to rest

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The City of Lawton’s east campground at Lake Lawtonka is a popular place, however, some say finding an RV spot is becoming too difficult, or even impossible, due to the current rotation system... Where once a camper’s two week stay limit is up, he or she just rotates or swaps places with another camper, never allowing for new spots to open. Now, rumors are circulating that the city has decided to make changes to that system.

Some lake goers say they want change, while others say they like things how they are. One thing is for sure, the rumors are not true.

The rumors were started from talk at the quarterly lakes and lands meeting. During that meeting it was brought up on how to solve the issue with rotation.

“Something was brought up to the effect of, you know, being able to be at each campsite for 14 days. There’s not anything in stone on that," said Lt. Brad Davis with LPD Lake Patrol. "Right now it’s in discussion. We’re trying to come up with better ways to make this more accessible for everybody to be able to use the lake.”

Some lake goers said they do not want change.

“There’s a group of us that get into a rotation and we rotate amongst each other," said Henry Wheatley. "That way, we’re able to stay out here during the summer months.”

Wheatley said others are able to get spots, if they are willing to put in extra effort.

“The biggest thing that I’ve seen is a couple of days before the holidays people actually come out and think they’re going to get a spot, and it’s not going to happen," said Wheatley. "Most of the people that want a spot will come out maybe a week early and some of them come out maybe two weeks early to get a spot to make sure they’re here for the holidays.”

Having limited spots available can lead to conflict, causing LPD Lake Patrol to get involved.

“Occasionally we get a call. Some campers are upset because they either had a spot reserved with a tent and now the tent’s missing and somebody else is there, or somebody’s upset because somebody’s reserving a spot with a tent," said Lt. Davis. "So, a lot of times we get called down to that just to kind of maintain the peace and try to settle it the best way we can.”

The limited spots are not only affecting people from southwest Oklahoma that come out to enjoy the lake, it is affecting tourism.

“Right now, the way it is, is pretty much every campsite is full, especially on the weekends," said Lt. Davis. "So, if somebody’s coming through on the weekends to try to get a spot, chances are that it’s going to be filled up over here and they won’t be able to come enjoy this facility.”

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