This time of year brings out an increase of crickets in homes

This time of year causes an increase of crickets in homes

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) -This time of year, it seems like crickets are everywhere,not just outside but in homes and businesses.

An exterminator said the dry, hot weather causes them to look for moisture, and cooler places. Exterminator, Scott Brown said this time of year is when crickets are looking for food, water, and shelter.

He said they like to get under something cool and moist such as garbage cans, lumber, and wood piles.

“Any type of over vegetation, we definitely want to get rid of it, that’s just a place to harbor crickets. What we recommend is trying to seal up around any doors, windows, garage doors, any place that the crickets can actually get into your home," said Brown.

Brown recommends getting your home sprayed every 90 days.

“It’s going to cut down on your spiders and stuff like that, with crickets they can eat plants or other insects, so the less insects you have, the less crickets you can have," said Brown.

Business owner, Beverly Martine said she gets her building sprayed a couple times a year and likes that the chemical used does not leave a scent.

“You wouldn’t want to shop somewhere where you see bugs all around, although I know in town we do shop places where we are seeing bugs because of the cricket infestation right now, but it’s just important, part of your upkeep of your building, keep your building in good condition," said Martine.

Brown said any rain we do receive can jump start breeding season.

“They need to lay their eggs in a moist area, flower beds, stuff like that, so the male crickets are going to be looking for female crickets this time of year," said Brown.

Another way to prevent crickets from coming to your home is by keeping your yard cut.

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