REPORT: Missing man beaten with metal pipe prior to disappearance

Missing person folo

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - According to a Lawton Police Department report, a man who has been missing since June 15th was reportedly brutally beaten the day after he was last seen.

21-year-old Byard Moore went missing back in June and his family says they have been worried sick and looking for him everywhere since then.

Both the Lawton Police Department and Comanche County Sheriff's Department were unable to comment on the case because it's an ongoing investigation, but a police report filed at LPD tells a violent story of what happened to Moore before he disappeared.

According the police report, several men assaulted Moore with metal pipes at a home on Northwest Kinyon. That happened on June 16th, the day after police previously reported he was last seen at the Stripes near Sheridan and Lincoln. One person was arrested in connection with the assault and was interviewed by authorities on Wednesday. Moore’s sister Susan Browning said they have spent countless hours trying to find him since he went missing.

"I've been up out of the house on the streets literally everywhere I can trying to find him, in neighborhoods I shouldn't be. My husband doesn't like that, my family doesn't like that but it's my brother. We've got to find him,” Browning said. Browning said in recent years, Moore had gone down the wrong road but they were working on getting him healthy.

"We were trying to get him some help and at one time I had him in my van, ready to go and sometimes I blame myself for that. I should have just took him with me but he was about family. He didn't have nobody there to watch his daughter. If I could rewind that day," Browning said.

Officials are being very tight lipped with what information they are releasing about the investigation but we do know both the Lawton Police Department and the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department are involved. Anyone with any information regarding Moore’s whereabouts are encouraged to call law enforcement.

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