The Silver Spoon hopes to be back open in Mid-September

The Silver Spoon hopes to be back open in Mid-September

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - It’s been almost four months since Lawton restaurant “The SIlver Spoon” closed its doors after a fire in the kitchen.

The restaurant owner said after meetings with contractors, they are hopeful to be back open by Mid-September.

“We went from thinking we would be closed maybe a month, to now five months," said owner Vera Oldham.

The Silver Spoon originally opened in Walters back in 2006 before moving to Lawton five years later. Silver Spoon's owner says after the fire in April, she had no idea the damage was as severe as it ended up being.

“I thought it would just be a little soot and smoke that could be cleaned, a little paint here and there," said Oldham.

“The fire was maybe five foot in radius, but it was the smoke damage that caused so many issues. It permeated through the entire building, and we had to start over with everything," said her son Austin Oldham, who did the original renovations in 2011.

The excess smoke damage, combined with damage from the fire itself, gave the contractors a lot to accomplish this summer.

“Everything needed encapsulation sealer because it smelled so bad in here. The service alley, all the way back to the grill area and bakery had to come down to the studs. Everything was removed,” said Oldham.

“We completely renovated the building, gutted it all the way down to the brick, and started over. My mother has very good taste, and she has put her heart and soul into this. She’s always said it’s an extension of her own home,” said Austin Oldham.

Despite the restaurant being emptied out of equipment, almost the entire Silver Spoon staff has been able to keep working.

“My employees are still getting paid, even though they work minimally. We are still fulfilling catering orders two or three times a week,” said Oldham.

Oldham said obviously this isn’t how she expected this year to go, but she said she and staff have grown closer, and are anxious to get back to work.

“There’s a great future ahead, and we are coming up bigger and better. Well not bigger, we can only hold 100 seats, but better, and we’ve learned a lot," said Oldham.

Oldham also owns Atlanta Bread, and she said being able to use that kitchen to fulfill catering orders has helped keep her business going while the extensive remodeling continues.

She said it’s been nice to have some time to relax, but she’s excited to finally see customers again.

Look out for updates on the exact re-opening date on the SIlver Spoon Facebook page.

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