Neighbors near murder scene react to crime

Neighbors near murder scene react to crime

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - According to the affidavit released Monday, Ryan Jones’ home is where Byard “Dakota” Moore was invited over before being beaten to death with a metal pipe.

In that neighborhood next to Liberty Lake Park, many of the residents said they can’t believe this happened so close to their front door.

“It really shocked us all, what happened over there,” said nearby neighbor Ute Fuller.

Fuller lives near Ryan Jones’ home with her grandson, and she said typically Jones’ house was full of people at all hours of the day and night.

“Just people coming and going, on their bikes, or they walk. There were several people who lived over there,” said Fuller.

Another neighbor said she has lived in the neighborhood for a long time, and say’s it’s typically very quiet.

“It’s strange when you don’t hear anything, and then there are cop cars galore,” said Sherry Morgan, who lives a few houses down from Jones.

Morgan said she never interacted with Jones’ or anyone staying at his home during his time living there.

“It’s spooky because we have a six-year-old that we are raising, and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood, and what if someone was running loose and we didn’t know it. When you see a bunch of cop cars, you think they must be looking for somebody. But when nobody said anything, we took extra precautions because of him,” said Morgan.

In the affidavit, it said Moore’s body was transported from Jones’ house to another location outside the city in a makeshift coffin, and Fuller said it was normal to see Jones’ doing all sorts of woodworking.

“It’s weird, just totally weird because he was building a lot of stuff out there. He would have his saws out, cut up boards and built cabinets here and there," said Fuller.

At this point, investigators are still waiting on positive identification from the medical examiner to confirm Moore is the person whose body was found last week.

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