City of Cache issues water restrictions

City of Cache issues water restrictions

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - Starting today, residents in Cache must ration their outside water usage.

At Monday’s Cache Public Works Authority meeting, the council decided that outside watering for Cache residents would be limited to two days a week.

“You get to water on Tuesdays and Thursdays and hopefully we’ll get a break in our weather that we don’t have the 100 degree temperatures,” said Ken Lyon, Cache Ward 2 City Councilman.

The City of Cache has two water towers they use, with one of them currently being sanitized inside and out. Once that water tower is ready to use, the city’s second, and larger water tower will get the same treatment.

“Then this one goes down and will probably stay offline for at least until the end of September,” said Lyon.

Because the larger tower will not be in use, the city implemented the water rationing.

“We wanted to have enough water for fire protection and enough water for our citizens during the period of time,” said Lyon.

To conserve more water, the city is also limiting the number of days the city's splash pad will be open.

“We are also shutting the splash pad down and having it open only on the weekends: Saturday and Sunday," said Lyon. "School’s getting ready to start, so the kids won’t be there, around as much, so that’s the reason why, and it uses quite a bit of water.”

One resident agreed the water rationing is necessary.

“As a citizen, I see no problems with it at all," said Nolan Watson, Cache resident. "We have ample water in there if we abide by that to get both facilities repaired and up and running, and best yet, properly maintained.”

At the next Cache City Council meeting on September 9th, Lyon said they will give an update on the status of the larger water tower. He said they hope to have it back online by the end of September so residents can return to their normal water consumption.

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