City Council approves key agenda items

City Council approves key agenda items

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Because Council decided to approve the new financial note on the second street project, the city, as of September first will now pay significantly lower interest rates on the project.

“First and foremost it provides them with funds to complete the obligations they have now on the project. It also provides significant amount of savings in the form of reduced interest rates, and it also relieves the city of an obligation to replenish a reserve from sales tax funds,” said Attorney Nathan Ellis, who helped with the new note.

Before council even voted, councilman Sean Fortenbaugh says this new plan was a no-brainer.

Fortenbaugh said, “It’s everything he says it is. Lower interest rates, saving millions of dollars. I can’t find anything wrong with this, it’s just a win.”

Council also approved Change order 11 for the Public Safety Facility, with some changes, like less days added to the total schedule.

One of the architects said he understands frustration with the total number so far, but he said based on industry standard, the public safety facility is actually right on track .

“With 65 percent construction done, we’re at 1.94 and I think we are in good shape. With everything we uncovered today, will this be the last change order? No it will not be, it’s always one thing or another.”

Councilman Caleb Davis said one positive from these orders is that the pricey ones are likely behind the city.

“The majority of the large change orders are probably behind us, because the structure is up and we are getting further along now. We will see more changes, but the dollar amount will be smaller,” Davis said.

The Human resources department presented three items dealing with hiring applicants, and with those being approved, the director said HR and department heads will no longer be confused on who does what, because previous codes had both parties doing the same task.

“In an effort to clear up the conflict, we went in, made some clarifications and further defined what those roles were," said Dewayne Burk, Director of Human Resources.

After the meeting, City Council broke off into executive session to further discuss the investigation of City Attorney Frank Jensen.

No action was taken, and they plan to continue the discussion Wednesday morning.

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