A teacher’s summer job: Selling water on the street

He can make $90 a day

Texas high school teacher sells water on the street as summer job

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX/Gray News) -- Warren Grannis is spending his summer at a busy Temple intersection selling bottled water.

He holds a sign: “I am a high school English teacher & this is my summer job! Bottled H2O $1.”

Grannis does it out of necessity.

“(I have) two kids in band, two kids coming into school for the first time, (and) a daughter going off to college, so everybody’s got different needs,” he told KWTX. “it’s just a whole bunch of different little things that have to be taken care of.”

Selling his liquid assets pays off.

Grannis can pocket $90 a day if he makes his goal of selling two cases of water.

And with more than 37,000 drivers passing through the intersection each day, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, he seems to have picked a good one.

Grannis said he prefers the flexible hours to a regular 9-to-5 job.

“I didn’t want to put an employer in the spot where I start training or whatever and then I say ‘all right I have to go back to school,’” he said.

Drivers have been nothing but supportive, according to the Killeen Gateway High School teacher, telling him they can relate to his financial struggles.

“Most people say things like ‘oh you know I’m a retired teacher, my spouse is a teacher, I had a favorite teacher,’ things like that.”

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