Duncan Family speaks about Kiddieland train crash

Duncan Family speaks about Kiddieland train crash

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Jones family said they were excited to visit Kiddieland one last time before summer ended, but after the crash, the family said they are just happy everyone is recovering safely from an incredibly scary night.

“It wasn’t just a tip over. If you can imagine being thrown out of the car at 25 miles an hour without a seat belt, I think that’s about what we experienced," said Caleb Jones, who was in the seat behind the driver when the train flipped.

Jones, his wife Lindsay and their three kids were piled into the train when it flew off the tracks last weekend.

“As soon as we came out of the turn on the north end, we started picking speed, and I heard him left off the accelerator as we got into the turn on the south end. I can remember seeing our car start to go off the track, and I don’t really remember anything after that," said Caleb Jones.

“It shocked me, and it felt like my mind erased. When we tipped over, I think he fell on my legs and I think I passed out for a second," said his daughter Makenzi.

Jones said his family goes to Kiddieland often, and when the ride started he could tell it was moving at a higher speed than usual.

“I could see his speedometer and I think it showed thirty, and I thought surely it’s not that fast. I wanted to stand up and take a look because man it was really moving. I never recall the train moving that fast in the past, so they must have changed something up,” said Jones.

Another frequent visitor of Kiddieland said she has noticed the speed increase as well.

“I’m comparing it to when I was a kid, but it seems faster than what I remembered. Especially even last year we rode it with my nephew, and it seemed faster than last year,” said Hadassah McGee.

McGee was at the park the day before the crash, and while she was waiting in line, she said the train seemed to be dealing with some mechanical issues.

“When we were there, we actually thought we may not get to ride the train because they were fixing the engine or something, I’m not sure of all the technicalities but they were working on something,” said Mcgee.

Makenzi said the incident was scary for her and her sister, but she’s not sure if this will keep her away from the train in the future.

“Shyloh, she said would never go on it again, but I think I will next year.”

Jones said he suffered a sprained ankle, and Makenzi sprained her knee.

His wife Lindsay was just able to use her arm fully as of Wednesday.

He said they expect their hospital bills to be taken care of, but they don’t plan on taking legal action.

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