Elgin residents are being asked to mow their alleys

Elgin residents are being asked to mow alleys

ELGIN, Okla. (TNN) -Elgin residents are getting letters in the mail telling them to mow their alleys.

About 120 residents would have received a compliance letter today. All of these letters do not necessarily deal with grass not cut, but the Mayor said it can cause a safety hazard when alleys are not mowed.

Mayor Larry Thoma said there is a lot of over grown grass in alleys and they have been getting a lot of complaints. He says it’s the landowner’s responsibility.

“Everything we do is according to state law, it’s 10 days, we send out a second letter, and then we send out a contractor, and the city puts the bill for the contractors, and if they don’t pay it, we put it on the property taxes," said Mayor Thoma.

Fire Chief Mike Baker said if everyone takes care of their property, it makes it easier on everyone.

“In some neighborhoods, their neighbors on both sides are taking care of it, so some of it may be they don’t know it’s their responsibility, or they just don’t care and these are not alleys you can readily see just driving by, you have to walk down through them, these are neighborhoods where the houses back up to each other, and it’s not fair for the neighbor to mow their half and you don’t mow you half," said Baker.

Mayor Thoma said high grass and weeds are a fire hazard and safety concern.

“People from PSO, the cable companies, gas companies, they have to go down those alleys. If it was your loved one having to walk down those allies, like our fire chief, you would want it clean so they don’t have to worry about snakes and those kind of things," said Mayor Thoma.

Mayor Thoma encourages anyone with questions to call City Hall, or if a mistake was made on an address to let them know.

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