Man arrested after sword and hatchet attack

Man arrested after sword and hatchet attack

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -A man’s wife is now offering an explanation after he was arrested for threatening a Hillary Communications technician with a sword and attacking his truck with a hatchet.

The employee was splicing fiber over 50 feet away from a stop sign in Comanche County when he said Robert Powers pulled over and told him to move his truck.

“The tech explained to him that we were in the easement and that he was doing his job. The individual became combative and started to scream at him, turned our generator off and then decided to leave the scene, pop a wheelie going through the intersection," said JJ Francais.

He said Powers came back later on his motorcycle with a sword and hatchet.

“The individual then began to swing the sword at our tech, and our tech kept backing up saying this is not what you want to do, this is not what you want to do. He then turned our attention to our truck and damaged the tires, all three windows, and did a considerable amount of damage to the vehicle,” said Francais.

The employee called the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department and deputies came quickly.

“We talked to him and found out there was probably some type of problem going on with him, at that time we arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon, and also malicious damage to a vehicle," said Sheriff Stradley.

Francais said the company is glad no one was injured and that their employee is safe.

“It’s shocking. We again are use to dealing with complaints, dealing with people who are upset their yard is messed up, but we don’t encounter battle axes and swords on a daily basis," said Francais.

Sheriff Stradley said it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, and call the police or sheriff’s department even if you don’t think a situation is something. Powers is still in custody, and has not been charged at this point.

Today, Powers’ wife reached out to 7News to share the family’s side of the story. She said Robert is a veteran and a two-time cancer survivor with PTSD.

She said he went to a veteran’s hospital in OKC for help last Friday but did not receive help.

She went on to say quote, “We have involved several state senators and representatives in trying to get him help since then - and he had an appointment at the CBOC on Fort Sill today. He spiraled down yesterday and this event happened.”

She added, quote, “While the family deeply regrets what happened to the vehicle of Hilliary Communication and their employees, the family has spent every moment since the event occurred trying to help Robert.”

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