Lawton offers resources for veterans seeking help and support

Local resources available for veterans seeking help and support

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -There are resources available where veterans can go to seek help and support, and many of them can be found locally.

The Silent War Foundation, a group of veterans and active duty soldiers who help veterans and their families receive mental health care, has been around for seven years.

National Guardsman Raymon Russell said it can be a problem for veterans to find help and support.

“Our job is to reach out to people and give them the information they need to reach out to us, and we refer them to our personal doctor that we have that works alongside with us, and he’ll set them up for any meetings and counseling. It will be no out of pocket cost, we cover all the cost for all of it. They don’t see a bill, the only thing they see is an appointment date," said Russell.

Russell, and other members of the foundation, have experienced some form of PTSD.

“Our family members and all our friends outside understand, and it makes it easier for us to approach another veteran that does have that problem to confide in. It’s easier to confide in with what we call a battle buddy than it is to confide in with a stranger," said Russell.

Andrea Farmer with the Lawton Vet Center said there is so much information available for veterans, all they have to do is ask.

“We have social workers, licensed professional counselors, we have marriage and family counseling, we have outreach personnel or specialists that can help them with the case management to get exactly what they need. It really doesn’t come down to I don’t have, it’s there and available, we have to make sure they are connected to what they need," said Farmer.

Farmer said it’s good to seek help sooner than later.

“It’s always easier to come when you’re not in crisis, because things slow down, things are a little more patient, and we get frustrated when we’re in crisis. We have the perception that nobody cares, and that’s really far from the truth, we care," said Farmer.

Silent War Foundation:

Lawton Vet Center: (580) 585-5880

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