Lawton home destroyed in Monday morning fire

Lawton home destroyed in Monday morning fire

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Three people are now without a place to live after a fire destroyed their Lawton home and a shed at the corner of 4th Street and I Avenue.

“We’ve talked to all four occupants and we’re still trying to gather some more information to try to exactly get a determination of why we had what we had here today,” said Marc Sutphin, Assistant Fire Marshal with the Lawton Fire Department.

Linsey Ray had been visiting her mom at the home and was inside when the fire started.

“I was just sitting in there watching TV and she went to the back through the kitchen area and like 15 minutes later, I heard a boom,” said Ray.

That loud boom came from a propane tank that had exploded in the back yard.

“Once those propane tanks got, basically, had that radiant heat from the fire on the tanks themselves or direct flame contact with the tanks, then it’ll eventually get to the point where they will BLEVE," said Sutphin.

Ray said she saw flames everywhere inside the house, but her mother was no where in sight.

“So I ran through the house looking for her, and I couldn’t find her,” said Ray. “Then I came out the front door and she was standing out there.”

Ray then went back to find one of their dogs.

“I tried to run out through that door, and it was too hot," said Ray. "So I ran out the front door and around the side, and then it just engorged the house.”

Sutphin said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

“There was electricity running to the shed, where one gentleman was living in the shed in the backyard, so we definitely can’t rule that out," said Sutphin. "Any time that you use extension cords not for their intended purpose and then you’re trying to power up an air conditioning unit, microwave, probably some others, TV, some other appliances on the inside of the shed, itself. So, I can’t rule that out as a possibility to the fire.”

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