Veteran groups providing resources for those with PTSD

Veterans come together to provide resources for those with PTSD

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Veteran groups in Southwest Oklahoma are joining forces to provide Veterans and their Families with resources to combat PTSD.

Pastor Jason Burns, started two non-profits in Comanche, Combat Veterans for Christ Ministries, a faith based organization that helps veterans heal spiritually, and the Veterans Coffee Bunker, a place for the community and veterans to spend time together.

“One, for the love of the country, I’m a veteran. I served. America’s very dear to my heart, and two, for the love of God. I found my healing with PTSD through the word of God," said Burns.

Through a shared friend and soldier, Burns met Shannon Hanks. Hanks served over 20 years in the military, retiring due to an injury.

He realized he needed to address the many hardships he had faced, both at home and on duty, so he tried counseling, which helped a little.

Then he came across Reboot Combat Recovery, a course that helps veterans and their families deal with trauma.

“In 12 weeks I accomplished more personally, physically, spiritually than I had in three years of therapy," said Hanks.

Hanks liked the course so much that he went to another one. which inspired him to become a Reboot instructor.

After seeing Hanks’ success, Navy Veteran, Kathi Hayne, decided to give reboot a try. She said it helped her reconnect with her children.

“He got to see a major transformation from an angry, bitter person to a, ‘wow, there’s my mom again. Can I have my mom back, and that’s what he likes, and that’s what I like. I love the feeling of it," said Hayne.

Hanks, Hayne and Burns are joining forces to help other veterans.

“This reboot, the military, all the stuff that we’re bringing together, this is what the veterans need. Getting together, veterans with veterans, peer to peer. We’ve walked in that walk, we know what they’re going through, and there’s help," said Hanks.

Hanks will be leading Reboot Combat Recovery in Duncan starting on August 27th.

The 12 week course offers free dinner and childcare every week during the sessions.

For more information and to register, visit the Facebook page: Reboot Combat Recovery-Duncan Oklahoma.

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