ODOT gives update on State Highway 29 construction

ODOT gives update on State Highway 29 construction

STEPHENS COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) - Several adjustments are being made to the four and a half mile stretch on State Highway 29.

“Shoulders. We’re going to be correcting some hills. We’re going to improve the sight distance, so we’re going to cut the tops off the hills," said Cole Vonfeldt, Division 7 Construction Engineer at ODOT. "We’re going to fill the valleys so people needing to pass or turn onto county roads, that’ll give them more sight distance to be able to make sure that’s clear. Another thing we’re going to be adding is center line rumble strips.”

ODOT has been working on this project since September 2018. They have had some setbacks with the rain, but ODOT officials said the project is continuing on well.

“As of right now we’re about 25% complete at this point," said Colton Roberts, resident engineer for the Duncan residency at ODOT. “We still have 195 days on the contract, you know, barring weather and any other type of delays that we run into. It’ll be about springtime 2020 is what we’re looking at right now."

ODOT has four projects in the works.

“The one that’s currently going on. We have another project that a contractor has, and it should be starting later this year. That’ll take us east of Bray," said Vonfeldt. "Then we have two more future projects in the plan, eight year construction work plan, that’ll take us all the way to Garvin County line.”

Vonfelt said State Highway 29 will remain open throughout construction.

“We’re building our road in this particular section to the north. As we get further east, we do cross over on the south side," said Vonfeldt. "We’re trying to be as less impactful to drivers as possible.”

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