'I AM THIRSTY FOR YOUR BLOOD’: More details revealed about Krech’s alleged notes

'I AM THIRSTY FOR YOUR BLOOD’: More details revealed about Krech’s alleged notes
Thomas Ryan Krech

UPDATE 4:11 p.m.

Court documents have revealed specifics of the two letters allegedly left by Krech at home and church in Stephens County.

The papers show that deputies went to the home on State Highway 29 after being called for a damage to property and threat report. When they arrived they were given a yellow piece of paper inside the mailbox which was handwritten and said “I Ryan am The Lord Your God” it went on to say “I have driven on your land and have been in your house!” The letter also says “I sentence you to the most amount of horror and pain of anyone! You are F***ed!” It goes on with more and more profane statements.

Later, another Stephens County deputy was called to the Hilltop Church on Highway 29 after they found their front glass door shattered. Inside, the preacher found a concrete block with a copy of “Gone With the Wind.” Inside the book they found another yellow piece of paper similar to the one at the home earlier in the day. They found a legal document also inside the book with Krech’s name on it. The letter at the church made other statements including “You are no pastor to my people! You are a servant of that f***boy Lucifer!” and “I am thirsty for your blood and will consume you!”


STEPHENS COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) - A man accused of leaving threatening notes on doors from Tennessee down to Oklahoma is now in custody.

On Thursday morning Thomas Ryan Krech was arrested in Oklahoma City just a day after authorities in Stephens County say he left a threatening note at a home there.

A video showing Krech leaving a threatening note on a woman’s front door in Deer Creek near Oklahoma City was captured earlier this week. In that note, police say he called himself God and threatened to have his angels rape the woman.

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office said they sent deputies to Oklahoma City to bring him back to Stephens County.

Krech was charged with four counts including two counts of Endeavoring to Perform an Act of Violence, Defacing or Injuring a House of Worship and Malicious Injury to Property under $1,000.

His bond has been set at $10,000.

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