Stephens County family reacts to note, vandalism after Thomas Krech arrest

Stephens County family reacts to note, vandalism after Thomas Krech arrest

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - When a Stephens County family arrived home from a doctor’s appointment, they noticed something wrong with their mailbox.

“We noticed the lid was off and something was wrong with it. I stopped and got out, and when I got them ail, this note was in it, and it was very vulgar, off the wall,” said the homeowner.

After calling the Sheriff's department, they learned something similar had been going on in Oklahoma City. That's when they saw a description of his pickup.

“I truly believe I noticed his truck the day before. We have a cemetery at the back end of our property, and I am 100 hundred positive he was back there the day before,” the homeowner said.

After The Stephens County Sheriff put out an alert for Thomas Krech, an OKC police officer spotted and arrested him this morning, eventually taking him to a mental institution.

“Once we get him back here and have a chance to sit him down and talk, hopefully at that time, we will learn more than we know now of why he did what he did,” said Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

What bothered the homeowner the most was Krech reportedly wrote that he had entered their home.

“I believe anybody in this kind of mental state things will escalate, and get worse and worse, So I am really glad they caught him. Hopefully they get him the help he needs desperately,” said the homeowner.

“Based on what we have seen, and the evidence we have seen here, each time it escalated to another level, and I do believe if this person had not been arrested, he was on the road to committing a mass murder of some sort," said Sheriff McKinney.

Sheriff McKinney said he did some digging into Krech’s social media posts, and noticed a disturbing pattern that mentioned things leading up to these notes.

He said if anyone sees posts like that, it’s important to call the police and report it, even if it turns out to be nothing serious at all.

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