Cache Public Schools provides insurance to help cover students

Cache Public Schools provides insurance to help cover students

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - This school year, students at Cache Public Schools are covered by an accident insurance policy. If an accident happens at school, the district will be able to help parents with medical bills through supplementary insurance.

Cache’s superintendent, Chad Hance, said the insurance covers kids who get hurt while they’re at school, playing sports through the school, or on a field trip, but it doesn’t cover the flu or other sicknesses that a kid might get at school.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and Jessica Totte knows that all too well. She's a mom of five kids. She said her family has left school to go to the doctor before. Totte's daughter fell at recess and cut her leg.

"We had to take her to the hospital and get her checked out to see if she needed stitches," she said. "It was covered, but it would've been nice and more of a better feeling knowing that was handled, and we had that extra benefit that the school offers now."

Hance said they decided to look into the insurance after hearing about it at a conference. ]He said student accident policies have been around for years, but parents had to pay for it. After looking at the cost of this one, he decided they'd pick up the premium. It cost the school $10,000...which is just under $5 a student.

"Medical expenses are high," Hance said. "And a trip to the ER is expensive. Hopefully, this will give parents peace of mind that we can go ahead and send them to the ER. We have insurance. We have something that will help offset the cost instead of saying 'we can't afford it. We know he needs to go see the doctor, but we can't afford it.' Hopefully, this will help."

Hance said it will cover out-of-pocket cost not covered by the student's primary insurance and if they have sooner care or don't have insurance at all the school will become the primary coverage.

"Thankfully, I haven't had any broken bones yet, at school, but knowing that they'll be covered now with that extra benefit is great," Totte said.

Hance wants parents to know some procedures have to be followed. If something happens, the parents have to report it, so the school can verify that it happened at school. They will also have to file the claim.

The policy went into effect the start of the school year and goes until next August when they’ll decide whether or not they want to renew it.

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