Congressman Tom Cole hosts town hall in Duncan

Congressman Tom Cole hosts town hall in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Congressman Tom Cole is hosting town halls across the state and Thursday, he was in Duncan taking questions about everything from VA benefits and immigration to the 2020 presidential election.

His reason for being here and visiting the people is simple.

“I work for them," said Congressman Cole, (R-OK). "I need to put myself in a position where if they don’t have an appointment, there is always a venue where they can come and make a point that I need to know, or ask as question they’re curious about.”

And his constituents are taking advantage of the chance to voice their concerns. Glenda Duncan is among them. She says Congressman Cole closes the gap between Oklahoma and D.C.

“I feels good because so many people feel Washington is a country away," said Duncan. "It’s good to know there is common people that come around the people and is willing to listen.”

Among the many topics the Congressman discussed, the 2020 Presidential Election. He made it a point to mention the large number of Democrats seeking nomination.

“I think we’re a ways away from knowing who the democratic nominee is," said Congressman Cole. "Obviously, assuming the President runs for re-election, which I think he will, he’ll be the Republican nominee I think, even though he might have some primary challengers, I don’t think they’ll be very serious. I expect it to be a very close, intense race.”

In terms of the economy, while many feel a recession is on the way, Congressman Cole says it’s unlikely. On the table now to give the United States a boost, is an agreement with Japan.

“They’re the largest importer of wheat in the world," Congressman Cole said. "I think the President is trying to knock out agreements one at at time. Congress needs to step up to the plate once one is negotiated, and vote for it.”

He said while Washington D.C. is contentious right now, he is always happy to come home to visit with the people. Congressman Cole will continue his town hall meetings Friday, September 6 in Moore.

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