Pride of Oklahoma members from SWOK ready for first game of the season

Pride of Oklahoma members from SWOK ready for first game of the season

NORMAN, Okla. (TNN) - There’s so much that goes in to the game day experience.

The Sooner Schooner, the Rufneks and especially the Pride of Oklahoma. Earlier this week 7news spoke with some band members from Southwest Oklahoma who are preparing for their first performances of the season.

Game one for the Oklahoma Sooners, and It's not just the football team gearing up for kickoff.

Another organization on campus ready for today is the Pride of Oklahoma, which features a few members from southwest Oklahoma.

“First game is just exhilarating, it’s been a huge weight on us for months, and then you run out for pre-game the first time, and the crowd goes wild. We’ve been waiting for it, they’ve been waiting for it and it’s just that first Oklahoma down the field, it’s so exciting," said Kayelin Fant, from Elgin High School.

“This week is like as kid in a candy store, running out on the field every year is just fantastic," said Maxwell Brooks, from Elgin High School.

Despite the long practices in the heat, and the busy schedule leading up to game one, one pride member from Velma-Alma said the Pride never loses their excitement.

“It never dies down. From the second we hit this field in Pride Camp to the day we march out on Gameday, to the second we step out of the tunnel, it’s nothing but hype,” said Jakob Pollock, from Velma-Alma High School.

For many of these band members, their passion for the Sooners pushed them to get involved with the Pride, and now they enjoy being such a big piece of the entire experience.

“Athletics is really good about making us feel like we are a valued part of the experience," said Fant.

“It’s a dream it really is. To be able to be part of the Sooner tradition, to be able to be apart of what keeps the team going, to lead them on the field, go on before them and be there after they leave, to play for them and keep them going is just great,” said Pollock.

“We go out there for pregame and everyone is on their feet, we start going through it and they sing along with the chant, Boomer starts playing, it’s fantastic,” said Brooks.

Out of the local area students, only one is getting ready for his first ever game, and as a lifetime fan, he said this opportunity is more than a dream come true.

“I cant describe it, everything is so fast paced, and we do so much it’s amazing. I love it all and I can’t wait for gameday. Boomer Sooner baby,” said Sayre Tillery, from Walters High School.

Coming from schools like Elgin, Velma-Alma and Walters, many of these musicians said the transition to such a large program was tough at first, but it helped them develop into much stronger performers.

“Coming from a band that has as many people as my Tuba section right now is crazy but I love it,” said Tillery.

“It was a big transition, but at the same time, you just have to carry over, you have to push through it. Especially being from small town SWOK, it’s great to look back on that from a place this," said Pollock.

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