LPD Tactical Team simulates active shooter scenario at Cameron University

LPD Tactical Team simulates active shooter scenario at Cameron University

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - OU’s Senior Nursing students at Cameron University are better prepared for an active shooter in the classroom or on the job thanks to the Lawton Police Department’s Tactical Team.

“My heart started racing" said OU senior nursing student Mckenzie Madigan. "It was nerve-racking, I could hear people screaming down the hall and you get into that fight or flight moment.”

Madigan is one of several students who were instructed on what to do in the event of an active shooter.

“They teach us to lock the doors, turn the lights off, and hide behind a solid object so they can’t get you,” she said. "You either fight if the shooter comes toward you, or wait for the tactical team to come and get you.”

Once the tactical team neutralized the threat and secured all the students, the scenario was over. Captain Robert Puccino says it was beneficial for both the tactical team and the nursing students.

“It’s happening everywhere," said Captain Puccino. "Active shooters at malls, colleges, hospitals, everywhere. The more they’re prepared and understand what we’re going to do when we get there, the better situation at the end.”

The men and women on LPD’s tactical team are chosen for a reason. They are well trained, physically fit, expert shots, and are quick to adapt.

“I promise you this, I wouldn’t put a team out there if I wasn’t 100% sure they weren’t willing to be there," said Captain Puccino. "If something happened to one of those officers, it’d be on my shoulders the rest of my life. I know they’re ready.”

While the tactical team trains like this throughout the city on a regular basis, this is the first time they held an active shooter scenario with the OU Nursing Program. It took six weeks to put together, but it’s something that will continue for semesters to come.

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