MedWatch: Wayne’s Drive Inn supports Cancer Centers

MedWatch: Wayne's Drive Inn supports Cancer Centers -9/8/2019

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -We are less than a month away from the 14th Annual Spirit of Survival, and Wayne’s Drive Inn in Lawton is gearing up for the big race.

Back in 2010, Joe Abshere had the idea to make a Wayne’s cancer awareness shirt to help give back.

“Somebody approached me and said hey why don’t you partner up with the Spirit of Survival,” said Abshere. “We just thought it was a great fit. The SOS is a great thing for the community, and it brings in a lot of people. It’s really just an awesome event for the community and I think it’s great what they do.”

Alison Green is the co-race director. She says the Wayne’s shirts help in several ways.

“It’s not only an aid in fundraising, but it also brings awareness to the community with the shirts,” said Green. “I see people wearing them year round. It’s really wonderful to see.”

Abshere is the general manager at Wayne’s and says that for each shirt that is sold, 5 dollars of it goes to the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma.

“One of the things we like is that we donate a significant amount of the price,” said Abshere. “It’s not a 10 percent of the profits. Everything is good, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re donating 33 percent of the costs, it makes a difference.”

This is the 10th year that Wayne’s has made shirts, and they’ve raised over 69,000 dollars in that time...all for the Cancer Centers.

“We are so grateful for what Wayne’s Drive Inn does every year,” said Green. “That’s why we want to help them sell these. So the cancer center actually sells them here at the hospital to employees, and at the cancer centers to the patients and their families, or anybody who wants to come buy one.”

Abshere says one of the reasons they’re able to do this, is because of the support from the community.

“We really appreciate it,” said Abshere. “Just being in the community for 70 years. Not only do we appreciate them allowing us to be here for that long. But just in the last 10 years with the cancer center. It’s just really important that the community gets behind us, and we just want to say thank you.”

The shirts are currently on sale right now at both Wayne’s Drive Inn locations as well as the Cancer Center.

The 14th Annual Spirit of Survival will take place on October 5th and 6th, with Bike Events on Saturday and the Run or Walk Events on Sunday. For more information or to register please go to

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