Sheriff Kenny Stradley, Dr. Rose Lepien react to Fire Marshal’s identification of Dr. Anthony Ferrara.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley, Dr. Rose Lepien react to Fire Marshal’s identification of Dr. Anthony Ferrar

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - State Fire Marshals positively identified Dr. Anthony Ferrara as the body found at the exploded home near SW 60th and Bishop last month.

After several clarifications from agent Judah Sheppard, he wrote in a statement around five this afternoon that “intentional self-inflicted ignition indicative of suicide was not observed, detected or determined.”

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the information he received from the Fire Marshal leads them to believe Dr. Ferrara was alone in the house when it caught fire.

'We aren’t looking at anyone else, we don’t have anything about a second party or anything. It’s still under investigation," said Sheriff Kenny Stradley.

Stradley said the department thought it was likely Ferrara from the start, but they couldn’t act on it until it was confirmed.

“I’m glad we have determined it was him, not glad, but glad we can give the family closure who was sitting back wondering it was him,” said Stradley.

Stradley said for the direction of their investigation to change from where it is now, it’s all dependent on the medical examiner’s report, which he hasn’t seen yet.

“For me to guess, I’m not going to until they give us a readout of how it was started, where it was started, what was determined,” said Stradley.

Dr. Ferrara finished chiropractor school in 1998 and started working at Aaragon Chiropractic, and one of his coworkers there said the news of his death shocked her, and the rest of the chiropractor community in SWOK.

“I knew that was his rent house, and I was familiar with it. Hearing that it was him, or maybe him, and he wasn’t coming out alive. it was very sad,” said Dr. Rose Lepien.

Dr. Lepien said based on their past relationship, she was surprised to see the reports that he potentially did this to himself.

“I would never have pictured him as a person who would start something like that on purpose, or on purpose to destroy himself. He has so much to offer his patients, and his family, he would never do that on purpose. I was always concerned of foul play,” said Dr. Lepien.

Fire Marshal’s and Stradley both say the case is still under investigation, and more information will available when the Medical Examiner’s report is finished.

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