Lawton Mayor delivers State of the City Address

Lawton Mayor delivers State of the City Address

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Road work, beautification projects, and an online portal to help Lawton citizens, those are among the successes Mayor Stan Booker touted during Thursday’s State of the City Address.

“The Chamber is the catalyst for a lot of these events," said Dennis Wade, Executive Vice President of the Lawton-Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce. "People can come together to gain notoriety among their peers and other decision makers just like themselves.”

Over the last year, the City of Lawton has seen big changes thanks to several Capital Improvement Projects passed by residents. Some of those changes include overlay work in neighborhoods, 17,000 feet of new sewer line, a new fire station and the many road construction projects completed or currently underway.

“On Southeast 45th Street, we leveraged the state to pay $6.2 million of that little over $8 million dollar project," said Mayor Booker. "It’s leveraging our money and stretching it as far as we can. We’ve done Bishop and now we’re working on 52nd and we are anxious to get that done.”

Mayor Booker says they’re constantly working to bring new jobs to the city.

“We’ve always had an idea that we want to go recruit jobs, but we’ve never had the funding to run the office, fund the trips, or the staff that’s needed," said Mayor Booker. "This CIP will not only fund all of that, it’ll fund the infrastructure improvements needed to make us attractive to industry.”

And while Mayor Booker said Lawton is strong in terms of projects & partnerships, he says the future is where the city can make big strides.

“Here’s what important to know about this CIP for the future," Mayor Booker said. "It’s multi-faceted, faces a lot of challenges, lays the platforms to meet those challenges and together, we can take Lawton to the future.”

Mayor Booker expects the City Council to vote on that CIP extension by the beginning of October. If council passes it, and a legal review of the extension is compete by November 15, it will be on the January 2020 ballot for Lawton residents to vote on.

If you missed Thursday’s luncheon, you can register for next month’s event, where military leaders will tell us about the State of Fort Sill. For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce.

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